Band Room Online

Welcome to the Virtual Band Room. I'm Alexander Burdiss, your band director. I am an innovative teacher with more than four years experience, and an orchestral trombonist. I strive to make tools that help today's young musicians learn in a changing world.

On this site you can find many resources that will act as a substitute for actual band class, but provide a similar experience. Step into the virtual band room or virtual orchestra room (coming soon!) to learn more.

Note: This site is active project! If you come across a blank page, don't worry! Check back later, and it should be complete.

For Students

Step into one of the virtual band classes. Choose a composition to learn. Download the sheet music, and practice with the various recordings. When you are ready, there is a track that you can use to hold a small recital. Play for your family and friends, and anytime you wish with these accompaniment tracks. Whatever instrument you play, you are the star of your performance.

Happy practicing!

For Band Directors

Do you need a way to get your whole band to practice the same composition, even when you're not meeting for rehearsals? Look no farther. Band Room Online has a variety of pieces you can choose from, and share with the whole band. Imagine the first rehearsal when it's not entirely sight reading!

Do you wish that Band Room Online had the pieces your band wants to play? Give me a call or email and we could make that happen for you.

(928) 606-6495